The centers were established in 1981 and they have developed very successfully over the years. Initially there were various little language Schools in different areas of Heraclion such as MELESSES, GARIPA(the two places where the schools were started) ARKALOHORI, AG. VASILIOS, PANAGIA and PR. ELIAS.
There were branches for twenty years – since 1984- one was situated in GAZI at 196 El. Venizilou Av. , the main road of Gazi, which now has been moved to KAMARIOTI 4 ( a side road exactly opposite from the previous one).
The second one which was started in 1986 was situated at 49 Democratias Avenue, Heraclion close to the center of the city. In 2005 the center was transferred in Ethnikis Andistaseos 82. Then it was moved to ETHNIKIS ANDISTASIS 102, VASILIES where it still carries on its activities.
Both schools consist of a waiting lounge and reception, three classrooms which are well equipped for a lesson of the 21st century, a computer lab where the students can consolidate and revise what they are taught in a computerized familiar to them way. They also have a school yard where the children can play safely during the breaks.
They are also full of natural light and air through the large number of windows in the building and thus exude a pleasant welcoming atmosphere created by the bright colours and pictures on the walls.
The STAFF are well-qualified teachers of English, German, French and Russian using the most modern methods – videos, visual aids (flashcards, posters), cds. INTERACTIVE BOARDS and real life interaction, games, songs, role playing, acting and so on. The teachers try to elicit the language taught in a pleasant and easy way. Tests are used to assess students performance besides their daily preparation and homework, as well as the projects that they have to submit.
Courses are offered either in small groups of 5 to 9 students or ONE to ONE tuition. The courses vary according to the level, time of year (winter academic year or intensive summer one) and the requirements of the individual student.
We offer courses for children from the age of 7, to teenagers and adults (who can apply for any course taught either individually – private tuition- or in a group). We can also adapt our teaching duration to the requirements of the person and their needs.
OUR STRONGEST POINT IS THAT WE USE THE LANGUAGE ONE HAS REGISTERED FOR AS THE MAIN MEANS OF COMMUNICATION THROUGHOUT THE LESSON AS WELL AS DURING THE BREAKS, in that way the student becomes familiar with the language he/she wishes to learn from the very first lesson which has as a result the rapid grasping of the language.